Our factory produces socks not only under its own brand SocksLand or Juft, but also for other brands. For 7 years, over 50 brands have entrusted us with their socks assortment!

In our factory you can order not only SocksLand or Juft socks, but also socks with a logo or in the corporate style of the brand and events for a variety of needs. Merch, promos, souvenirs, gifts, for sale to expand the range – socks have established themselves as an excellent tool for a variety of purposes.

Now we will tell you what we have already done, as a manufacturer of cotton socks, and how to order custom-designed socks in our factory.

For what


Socks are a great way to increase the product matrix, increase the average bill and provide an opportunity to remind about your brand in everyday life. In addition, socks can become a full-fledged part of the image of your collection. Suitable for both brands of clothing and accessories, and those brands that produce merchandise.


Bright, original socks - with or without a logo - every day prove that they can surprise their owners and cheer them up. And the people around them including!

Gift and souvenir

Socks are an original and useful gift for all occasions. Therefore, socks - this is the motivation for the purchase, and a premium set, and souvenir products! And high-quality cotton socks are a reminder of your brand every day!

For whom

Clothing brands

Network retail

Gifts \ Souvenirs \ Merch

We do not paint, we knit

Want to know the whole truth about socks? Turn them inside out! If inside each picture consists of small sticking threads, then in your hands is a sock made of natural cotton SocksLand or Juft. Be sure that such a pattern does not run away when washing to a neighboring model.


The composition of the classic model:

75% combed cotton
15% polyamide
5% elastane

Natural cotton

SocksLand contains 75% natural cotton of the highest class. It gives socks increased strength, softness, ease of care, as well as an attractive appearance.

Combed yarn

A smooth structure, improved embossment and, of course, rich colors are the result of the combed yarn production system for SocksLand socks. Socks made of combed yarn are more hygienic, pleasant to the skin and comfortable to wear.

Reinforced heel and toe

The heel and toe in SocksLAnd socks are knitted from a special looping thread, which is several times stronger than cotton and other materials. So you can safely run on your heels through the streets of your favorite city.

Anatomical gum

The special anatomical elastic is designed for maximum comfort for the wearer of socks. It is its distinctive features that allow the sock to not slip on the leg and at the same time not to squeeze it.


Shoe sizes (in brackets - sock):
- 34-37 (23)
- 38-41 (25)
- 42-46 (27/29)
- 46-49 (31)



Our production has been modernized to create unique socks. We spent a lot of time on it and continue to develop!

Size range included

Even if the order contains a minimum lot (per design), you can include a dimensional grid in the order. And there will be no extra charges!

Small circulations

We work with a minimum order of 500 pairs. You will almost never find such a thing.

Short time

Believe us, we know how to set records!


Quality and quality again! It is not only about materials, but also about the density of knitting, the number of rows, the modernization of equipment for socks with drawings and so on.


Our price is tied to the volume of the order, the complexity of the picture and the type of product (baby, sport, classic, golf). But we try to keep competitive prices!

Trust us: